Tandem Flight with Paraglider
Flight is a dream of a true man...
Do you know why birds sing? Fly with one of our tandem pilots and you'll find out why.

We offer you flying on the following sites:

Distance from the center of Sarajevo to Babin dol on Bjelasnica is 30-40 minutes by car, and from Babin dol to the top of the mountin is another 30 minutes by car.

The altitude of the take off place is 2068 m, and of landing place on Babin do is 1250 m. The 818 m of altitude will give you lots of pleasure, even in the days when there is no thermal lift. The view from the height of the Treskavica, Visocica, Igman, Bjelasnica and Sarajevo is enchanting, so be sure to bring your camera.

Flight time is 20-60 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

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