Rafting on the Neretva and the Una
The Nile of Herzegovina, the heart arteries and the source of life in this area.
Neretva is its strength managed to overcome the mighty mountain giants (Bjelasnica, Visocica, Prenj, Crvanj) and reach the eternal goal – sea... Rafting has become an indispensable social event, a proof of this, many business groups and families who are on this river again and again.

Considering that in the first part of the Neretva river rafting trips somewhat calmer about 3 km each skipper will give guests instructions on how to paddle and train them with the basic elements of paddling. In the second part of the track entering the Bukovica. In this way we will pass through the canyon Šištice, where we see the self-titled 20 m high waterfall that flows into Lake Boračko Neretva. The further we go sailing near the mouth of the river canyon and after a short break we are back in the rafts and in this part of the trail passes through the Grand Canyon of the Neretva and in some places over 1000 m. We will see some of the endemic plants and animals, and in this area there are a lot of . We will pass through many rapids and beech (Slabs, Twins, Osmica, Kalajdžijin brook Štrojila ...). In the further course of the ride coming out of the Grand Canyon, and after 30 minutes by going through the most attractive buk Neretva "Dzaic buk * Volume 5. After completion go rafting in the restaurant "Old Mill" where we remove our equipment and moult in warm clothes. This is followed by dinner, specialties Equestrian area (fish from the river Neretva, veal under the bell, spit-roasted lamb, homemade plum brandy ...)

Guides are trained skippers (IRF certificate) and equipped for emergency medical intervention. English speaking radio to communicate with the database. During the trip provided on duty off-road vehicle, which may intervene in the case of an accident.

During the rafting is possible to record or photograph, because we have waterproof gear.


This stage is one of the royal stage of the river Una.
The start phase is the most challenging part of starting a meter below 23.5 Strbacki buk.
Through the stage you have the opportunity to see and visit the natural caves, sources of drinking water whose temperature is only 7 ° C, which is a clear indication of the silkiness of the river Una throughout the stage. Besides its natural beauty and enjoy the many jumps from the rocks and bridges.
Leg length is 15 km and takes about 4 hours.


The second stage offer an ideal stage for relaxation, swimming and socializing. Una is in this part of the much hotter and therefore more suitable for swimming. Leg length is 15 km and takes about 3 hours. Along the stage rafting on the rapids and waterfalls that are ideal for swimming adventure.

Stage recommend for families and groups looking for true relaxation and swimming.


Stage that we recommend to rafters of all ages. It is a stage of moderate categories, which is suitable for bathing, swimming in rapids. The route runs from 1.5 to 2 hours, so if you want to pass a short rafting experience, this is ideal for you because after a short pause, you can continue your journey. It is important to note that at this stage last year's European championships held in a kayak on wild waters.


The longest of these 4 stages and it is 24 km and takes about 5-6 hours. This stage includes all of the above from the previous two stages and is recommended as a full day rafting experience. Sail through the famous Grmuški canyon, which is one of the real jewels of Krajina.

Possible to organize accommodation at very affordable prices.

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